2011    Vision


In spring 2011, the KASTELL Foundation - Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Stell – assigned the design office STELLARCHITEKTUR to the development of a modular component building set for humanitarian use and as a help to self-help for emerging and developing countries.


  • The building can be constructed by the use of a few components, which always remain the same, simple, fast and at low-cost in high quantities and industrial production.
  • The structural frame is necessarily easy to assemble even for laymen, with just a few tools, without  large technical Equipment.
  • The completion of the house is possible with highly functional and construction-organic valuable local materials (for example, loam for framing the structure).


2012   Prototype

One year later, the first prototype for development aid was constructed.

2013   Experiments

A lot was  experimented with ramming loam, hand-made loam bricks and industrial loam bricks. The development aid prototype is currently being used as an exhibition center by the Research Department of the Westfälische Wilhelms-University Muenster.

2014 Further development

On this basis the idea was born to also develope this principle further for the high requirements of building in Germany and Europe. This process will continue to accompany us for a long time in the future.

2016 Development status

In the meantime it is possible to build up to the passive house standard with the appropriate technology and high-quality components of the SI-MODULAR modular system.