As an alternative to plaster or clinker brick, you can access our modular facade system for a clip assembly. After installing the thermal insulation, a wind- and water-repellent facade-sheet will be applied on the outside and an aluminum substructure will be screwed onto each column. On this substructure the finished mounted facade elements can be hung and aligned. The facade elements are optionally available with a surface of wooden rhombus profiles (pinewood) or with high-resistance colored HPL panels.


Wooden rhombus profiles (solid wood)

The wooden rhombus profiles with groove and tongue is made of technically dried whole wood from northern spruce. With this profile you get a horizontally closed facade facing in rhombus optics. The surface comes (colored) glazed.


HPL-Panel (High Pressure Laminate)

Because of the wide color palettes, the facade made of HPL panels offers huge amount of design possibilities. The 10 mm thick material impresses with its high weather resistance and furthmore is scratch-proof, resistant to impacts and easy to clean. The panels are screwed to the individual frame elements.


Facade system of the gable wall

Our facade system can also be used for the covering of the gable wall in the gable roof typ A. Here you also have the choice between HPL panels or solid wood.