Flat roof - insulation

The roof insulation consists of rock wool for multilayer installation between the roof beams, as well as a humidity-regulating vapour barrier inside.


Section through the roof


Flat roof - waterproofing

A prefabricated, high-strength roof waterproofing sheet made of EPDM is used for the flat roof. If possible (according to roof size) in a suitable piece. The seams are already vulcanized in the factory (not glued!). This Special quality of material and manufacture provide a maximum guaranteed security against leaks.

In order to increase the longevity of the EPDM membrane and to buffer temperature peaks (especially in the summer), extensive roof greening or gravel covering is recommended. In any case a loading of the roof sheet of 100 kg / m² is necessary.


The roof edge consists of prefabricated zinc-plated elements, which only have to be cliped on by the unique assembly system. The EPDM membrane is only clamped here.


The roof surface is dewatered as internal dewatering in the building corners. The roof gullies have a special screw flange in which the EPDM membrane is inserted and pressed.