Gable roof - insulation

Rock wool is used for the roof insulation of type A, which is easy to install in three layers. Inwards closed by a moist-regulating vapour barrier

Roof drainage

The roof gutter package consisting of:
Half round trough from powder-coated steel, 2 fall pipes and bends, channel connectors, as well as all necessary materials for the assembly.

Roof covering

For roofing, we offer high-quality polymer bitumen shingles from ISOLA for easy installation. These are supplied with all required fasteners.





Of Course all other roofing materials are also possible. Ask your regional roofing company.


If roof tiles are desired as covering, this is possible in the snow load zones 1-2. Here a reinforced rafter version is used.
A surface weight of 60 kg / m² should not be exceeded.