SI-MODULAR is a modular COMPONENT system for structural frame and building envelope including everything needed for the construction of closed buildings. These are, e.g. all components for heat-insulated walls and roof, including facade, windows and front door. This means that the building looks already completely finished after the construction. However interior finishings and building services engineering are missing which then can be calmly completed when it is dry and warm.

Our offer is aimed at companies and self-builders who want to create fast, cost-efficient and, above all, simply an "extended" shell construction.


What is about interior finishings, electrical equipment, heating and plumbing?

The complete interior finishings is not part of the kit. SI-MODULAR is not a turn-key concept. However, we are currently working on a Germany-wide partner System, which then can offer you the construction right up to turn-key assembly in your Region.


How much does a house cost?

This question reaches us daily. But it can not be answered in a simple way. It depends on the size, building type (A, B or C), the selected materials and components, as well as the different stages of construction. Here the question is to be cleared which building sections you will build by yourself and / or which service you need by one of our Partners.

You can find a simple way to calculate the prices for each type of house in the PRICES section.


Which additional costs do I have to calculate?

Cost of interior finishings (interior walls, floor and wall coverings), building services engineering (heating, plumbing and electrical work) and the necessary earthwork and foundation work.

These trades can be established most cost-effectively by companies from the direct region of the construction project. We will provide you with the necessary documents, so that you can easily obtain offers. The costs for the interior finishings and building service engineering are always individually different and depend on the materials and components you have selected and can therefore vary widely.


Can I order written information material?

We have decided to present all information and prices about the modular system on our website. While the modular COMPONENTsystem is constantly being changed and improved, we currently do without print media. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


For which construction projects is the modular COMPONENTsystem suitable?

The modular system is suitable for all types of 1-2 story buildings. For example, for the construction of small houses, one family houses, offices and studios.

The easy-to-transport and expandable concept can also benefit from its advantages in development aid.


Where are the limits of the system?

As modular solutions are always flexible and individually adaptable, some fixed conditions have to be considered. In addition to the height of the storey and the roof pitch, the width of the building is fixed to 5.0 meters inside / 5.80 meters outside. The building length, on the other hand, can be freely planned in meters. Big houses can be realized by the combination of building blocks.


Where can I visit a sample house?

Some private construction projects have already been implemented with the modular COMPONENTsystem. Others are in the construction phase. We will soon plan an indoor model house exhibition in a hall where the various structural variations, components and building materials can be viewed in a built-up state 1 to 1. We will report on it in the newsletter and on the website.

Since 2012 our prototype for use in development aid has been located in the generational park in Rosendahl-Darfeld. Type A1.5 is extremely simple and not suitable for residential use in our widths. Nevertheless, you can recognize the joining principles and the special feeling of space in this smallest type of gable roof very well. The house is freely accessible from the outside and is open during the summer months on Weekends.


The modularity / what makes the system so unique?

While other modular systems build on space cells which are prefabricated, transported on trucks and mounted with large car cranes, we take another path:

All our components are light and transportable by humans. They will be assembled on-site. A hammer is enough as a tool.

The modularity refers to the components such as windows, doors, stairs, facade elements, which can be installed optionally within the structure frame. Even later changes or additions are always possible.


How durable are houses made of the modular COMPONENTsystem?

[SI-MODULAR] is a structurally engineered and structural-physical deliberated concept taking the latest knowledge in timber construction into account. If the building is built according to these specifications and details, it does not have any difference with houses in solid construction or wooden stand / wooden frame construction in any way.

By the way: the oldest still used buildings in the world are church buildings in Scandinavia, completely made of wood. For example, the Urnes Church, which was built entirely from wood in 1200/1300 AD and now has been existing for more than 800 years, as it was built at that time.


What is about energy quality?

Due to the 30 cm thick wall cross sections, the building envelope is always per se in the area of the insulation standards of passive houses. Depending on the selected building services engineering, all KfW energy efficiency house variants can be implemented with SI-MODULAR - right up to the passive house Standard.


What is about the building legislation?

In Germany (and also in neighboring EU countries), an official construction permit is generally required for buildings of this size. Each architect can plan with the modular concept and create the building application easily and quickly. Optional you can order the services of our architectural office STELLARCHITEKTUR from Münster. This offers you two planning packages at a fixed price.

  • Planning package 1: a first draft based on your sketches (e.g. with the planning aid). CAD drawings ground plans, elevations, sections. The costs will be fully charged upon further commissioning.
  • Planning package 2: Preparation of the building application and the EnEV certificate.

The costs for this can be found in the PRICES section.