On this basis, an intense design and
development process commenced, to create a
modular building kit that would cover the brief
but not restrict the stability and durability of
the finished product.
After presenting the innovative results, our
[SI-MODULAR]® building kits quickly gained
world wide interest and evoked both great
enthusiasm and positive feedback.
Soon after, we started receiving inquiries from
interested parties within the private sector
which gave us the incentive to continue
developing our basic idea, to offer a range of
designs to cover the whole market.
Today, we offer a sophisticated construction
system, which provides high quality and
stable building projects around the world. Our
answer to stress-free and sensible construction
became the perfect solution for many projects
in the private, local and commercial sector.
Our aim is to make building easier.

We welcome your inquiry.
Sincerely yours,

Hans-Ludwig Stell
Dipl.-Ing. Architect and Inventor
Managing Director of

Our journey began in Spring 2011 when the
Kastell Foundation of Stadtlohn, Germany
commissioned myself to design and develop a
modular building kit.
The objective: To provide safe, affordable
and sustainable housing which could be
constructed easily in emerging and developing
countries all over the world.

The brief specified that the kit should:

• Offer components which are widely adaptable.

• Be produced in line with industrial manufacturing
techniques at an affordable price.

• Be easily assembled using a minimum amount
of tools, which even the most inexperienced
person could construct in a matter of hours.

• Be made of light weight, sustainable materials
which could be packaged and shipped at a low